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At BodyICE, we understand that bumps and bruises are a part of life. Especially so when you’re still a kid! Learning through play, combined with underdeveloped physical capabilities often combine to result in scrapes and injuries that require relief. 

Backed by our expertise in designing ice packs for adults, we were inspired to create a range of ice packs specifically for kids. With an engaging and familiar appearance, they are perfect for your little one!

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Kids ice packs can be the perfect thing to comfort a child that has suffered an unfortunate injury. They also have other uses too! 

  • The kids ice packs from BodyICE have been made specifically with young kids in mind, presented in an appealing shape and overall design that depicts 5 different animals. Take your pick, or purchase our family pack!
  • The ice packs are multi-purpose, being perfect for use in both heat and ice therapy. Whether your child needs pain relief or a warm companion, our ice packs can help. They’re also perfect for use in a lunchbox, being filled with non-toxic beads and made from easily cleaned materials.
  • To help your child keep the ice pack stationary, they include straps for fixing onto little arms or legs.
  • They’re also made from premium materials, meaning they won’t leak or break. They’re also insulated, to prevent burns from heat or cold.

Our ice packs are Australian-owned and designed, from premium materials.

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Sasha Seal, Timo Tiger, Kai Koala, Pablo Penguin, Milo Monkey


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